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"With a warm and engaging public speaking style Ableman's appearances have inspired audiences throughout the USA,  Canada and Europe. His presentations blend storytelling with powerful photographic images in a cinematic style that moves audiences emotionally and encourages them towards positive action."

Appearances & Speaking Engagements Schedule




April 21, 2011


Lake Forest College- Public Lecture


Lake Forest, Illinois


April 19, 2011


University of Illinois- Lecture


Urbana-Champaign, Illinois


March 28, 2011


Art In Bloom-Public Lecture


Victoria, BC


March 19-21 2011


Garden To Table Workshop


Hollyhock- Cortez Island




November 17, 2010


Public Lecture- Clark Forum for Contemporary Issues


Dickinson College, Carlisle Pennsylvania


April 25, 2010


Public Lecture- Raincoast Education Society/Ecotrust Canada


Tofino, British Columbia


April 25, 2010


Public Lecture- Raincoast Education Society/Ecotrust Canada


Ucuelet, British Columbia


March 29, 2010


Public Lecture


The History Museum, Hood River, Oregon


February 19, 2010


Virginia Biological Farming Conference- Keynote


Danville, Virginia




Nov. 12-14 2009


Keynote Address- Public Event/College Programs


Northland College, Ashland Wi.


October 25, 2009


Harvest Dinner- Keynote


San Juan Island, Washington


October 24, 2009


Harvest Dinner- Keynote


Lopez Island, Washington


October 21, 2009


Public Lecture


Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver, BC.


October 15, 2009


Public Talk/Benefit Salt Spring Island Conservancy


Art Spring Theatre, Salt Spring Island, BC.


June 21, 2009


Keynote Address- Seeds For Change Conference


Duncan, British Columbia




Selkirk College, Castlegar, British Columbia


May 9, 2009


Closing Keynote-Future Of Food:Transatlantic Perspectives


Boston University, Boston, Mass.


February 24, 2009


Public Lecture


Capital Theater, Nelson, BC


February 20, 2009


Keynote- Community Greenhouse Benefit Dinner


Invermere, British Columbia


Feb 18


Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) 20th Anniversary - Keynote


Spokane, WA




December 26


Hazon Conference- Keynote


Asilomar, Pacific Grove, Ca.


Nov 10


Lamplighter School - Dolores Evans Lecture Series


Dallas, TX


October 25 12:30 p.m.



Port Angeles, Wa.


October 25, 7:00 p.m.


Benefit Dinner, PT Farmers Market-Keynote


Port Townsend, Wa.


October 24



Everett, Wa.


October 20 7:00-9:15


Metro Vancouver-Public Lecture


Segal Graduate School of Business, Simon Frazer University Vancouver BC


Oct 3


Center For Ecoliteracy / Maui Schools Conference - Keynote


Maui, Hawaii


Sep 19-20


REAP Festival - Keynote


Madison, WI


Sep 17


Gardiner Museum, From the Ground Up: Nurturing the Art of Sustainability - Keynote


Toronto, ON


Aug 8-10


Setting the Table: A Literary Feast for Readers, Writers & Thinkers - Keynote


Keystone College, La Plume, PA


Jun 26


University of Gastronomique - Farm Tour


Foxglove Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC


Jun 6-11


The Land Conservancy - Conservation Holiday


Foxglove Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC


May 17


Culinary Boot Camp - Farm Tour


Foxglove Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC


May 14


Planet Diversity Conference


Bonn, Germany


May 6-10


Agriculture Urbanism Design Charette with Andres Duany


Tswassen, BC


Mar 27-29


University of Alaska, Sustainability Conference- Keynote


Anchorage, Alaska


Mar 5


Maryland Coastal Bays - Lecture Series


Berlin, MD


Mar 4


Williston Conservation Trust, Evening with Michael Ableman


Williston, PA


Mar 29 - Apr 2


National Urban Agriculture Conference - Keynote


Milwaukee, WI




Nov 10


Carolina Farm Stewardship Conference - Keynote


Durham, NC


Oct 01


Elementary Scools Head Association Conference - Keynote


Napa, CA


Sep 23


Workshop - Esalen Institute


Big Sur, CA


Sep 19


Foxglove Farm, Successful Market Farming, Workshop


Foxglove Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC


Aug 10


Eco Trust Farmers Market - Book Signing


Portland, OR


Apr 11-14


International Association of Culinary Professionals - Panel


Chicago, IL


Mar 25


Master Gardeners Conference - Keynote, Michael Fox Theatre


Vancouver, BC


Mar 17


OGC Annual Conference - Keynote


Portland, OR


Feb 3, 2007


Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture Conference - Closing Keynote


Penn State University


Jan 26-27


Guelph Organic Conference - Keynote, University of Guelph, Ontario


Guelph, ON




Dec 10


Benefit Dinner for Lifecycles - Spinnakers Restaurant


Victoria, BC


Nov 29


California Department of Food and Agriculture


Sacramento, CA


Nov 24


Christmas Writers Festival - Reading/Discussion


Sydney, BC


Nov 13-15


American Farmland Trust National Conference - Closing Keynote


Univ of Delaware


Nov 10


Carolina Farm Stewardship Conference - Keynote




Oct 1


Elementary Scools Head Association Conference - Keynote


Napa, CA


Sep 30


American Center for Food, Wine, and the Arts- Public Lecture


Napa, CA


Sep 28


Master Gardeners- COPIA - Keynote Address


Sonoma, CA


Sep 23


Workshop - Esalen Institute


Big Sur, CA


Sep 19


Successful Market Farming - Island Natural Growers, Foxglove Farm


Salt Spring Island, BC


Aug 10


American Assc. Naturopathic Physicians Conference - Keynote Address


Portland, OR


Aug 10


Eco Trust Farmers Market - Book


Portland, OR


Aug 8-9


Environmental Studies Dept. Public Lecture/Classes


Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH


Apr 11-14


International Association of Culinary Professionals


Chicago, IL


Mar 25


Master Gardeners Conference - Keynote


Vancouver, BC


Mar 17


OGC Annual Conference - Keynote


Portland, OR


Feb 2,2006


Rural Roots Conference, Keynote


Boise, Idaho


Feb. 10, 2006



Boise, Idaho


Feb. 2, 2006


Upper Midwest Farming Conference, Keynote


La Crosse, Wisconsin


Jan 2, 2006


Ecofarm Conference-Opening Keynote


Asilomar, Ca.




Dec 10


Acres USA conference, Plenary


Indianapolis, IN




Partners For Family Farms, Benefit w/Wendell Berry


Lexington, KY


Dec 3, 5:00pm


Chapters Book Store, Reading


Washington, D.C.


Dec 2, 7:00pm


National Conservation Training Center, Public Lecture


Shepherdstown, WV


Dec 1, 5:30pm


Restaurant Nora, Benefit


Washington, D.C.


Nov 20, 10:00-12:00pm


Hillsdale Farmers' Market, Booksigning


Portland, OR


Nov 20, 4:00-6:30pm


Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, Panel Discussion


Portland, OR


Nov 19-20


Oregon Tilth, keynote address


Salem, OR


Nov 18, 6:30pm


Sauvie Island Organics, Benefit


Wildwood Restaurant,, Portland, OR


Nov 16, 7:30pm


Necessary Voices Lecture Series


Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC


Nov 14


California Farm Conference, Keynote


Ventura, CA


Nov 12


Eco Metropolis Conference:Plenary


New York, NY


Nov 10, 8:00pm


Rhode Island School of Design-Evening Talk


Providence, RI


Nov 8, 8:15-9:45am


Harvard Graduate School in Education


Cambridge, MA


Nov 6, 5:30pm


The Food Project, Benefit


Henrietta's Table restaurant, Cambridge, MA


Nov 4, 1:15pm


Farm Education Conference, Keynote


Delaware Nature Center , Hockessin, DE


Nov 3, 2005


Soil Association Benefit Concert with Sting


New York, NY


Nov 1, 7:00pm


Blue Hill Restaurant, Benefit


New York, NY


Oct 23


Fact and Fiction bookstore, readings


Missoula, MT


Oct 22


Harvest Festival


Missoula, MT


Oct 21, 7:00pm


Public Lecture


University of Montana, Missoula, MT


Oct 18, 7:00pm


Foundation for a Global Community- Benifit


Palo Alto, CA


Oct 17


Quince restaurant, CAFF Benifit


San Francisco, CA


Oct 15-16


Bioneers Conference, Plenary Speech


San Rafael Civic Center, San Rafael, CA.


Oct 9


Fall Harvest Fest at Fairview Gardens


Santa Barbara, CA


Oct 14, 6:00-8:00pm


Nextcourse Event, Reading/Panel


San Francisco, CA


Oct 5, 1:00-3:00pm


Farmer's Summit


Fairhaven, WA


Oct 5, 4:00-6:00pm


Village Books, Reading


Bellingham, WA


Oct 5, 6:00-8:00pm


Whatcom Fresh Harvest Dinner


Fairhaven, WA


Oct 2, 11:00am


Full Circle Farm Harvest Festival, Slow Food Event


Seattle, WA


Oct 2, 4:00pm


Elliot Bay Books, Reading


Seattle, WA


Oct 2, 6:00-9:00pm


Vashon Island Growers Association


Seattle, WA


Oct 1, 11:30am


King County Harvest Day Press Conference


Seattle, WA


Oct 1, 6:30pm


Third Place Books, Reading


Seattle, WA


Aug 7


Vermont Fresh Network 10th. Anniversary- - Keynote


Shelbourne Farm, VT.

Michael is available to speak at a variety of events. For scheduling, fees and
lecture information, contact: info@michaelableman.com or 250-537-1449

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