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Beyond Organic

The Vision of Fairview Gardens

"Beyond Organic is a great view, a wonderful video about a community growing healthy food, building good relationships and developing a vital social fabric for us all!"
- John Jeavons, author of How To Grow More Vegetables, and founder of Ecology Action

"Beyond Organic is not only a dramatic and true story, on a subject of great importance, but it's also a beautiful film. (You can almost taste the peaches!)"
- Donella Meadows, author of Limits To Growth

"The fascinating and inspiring story of Fairview Gardens, an organic farm that unites enriching food production with a sound and healthy social philosophy."
- Timothy McGettigan, Professor of Sociology, University of Southern Colorado

"What a great piece of work! This timely film celebrates local, community-based farming, while offering solutions to the urgent challenges of family farms and urban agriculture. Beautiful cinematography and engaging storytelling--a must see!"
- Nina Simons, co-producer, Bioneers Conference

"Great video and example for other CSAs to follow."
- Organically Speaking e-Newsletter

"I am really quite excited about offering this marvelous special to the Public Television viewers of North America."
- Dick Hanratty, Director of PBS Plus

"(An) uplifting, hopeful video."
- EARTHLight Magazine

"A thought-provoking, visually stunning video. The quality of production is excellent, allowing the program to be entertaining while raising underlying questions for further discussion on topics such as urban sprawl and development, community and social interactions, organic farming, future directions for urban agriculture, and community-supported agriculture (CSA). The comparisons of the connections among land, culture, and community in the more traditional agriculture of many countries and the trend to megafarms in North America are particularly striking."
- Best Science Films, Science Books and Films

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