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Fields of Plenty

“A lyrical account of the journey he and his son Anthony took across America in search of small, self-sustaining farms. Mr. Ableman, the founder of the Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens in Goleta, Calif., now farms on Salt Spring Island, in British Columbia. He and Anthony set out one summer to learn the secrets of other farmers who were growing their crops, whether wheat, corn or blackberries, without pesticides.

Their spirit, their love of the soil and healthy, locally produced food, is palpable on every page. Mr. Ableman's eloquent photographs, as well as the recipes he picks up along the way, express a powerful alternative to the industrial farm.”
- Ann Raver, NY Times

"Cooks fascinated by farming should not miss the remarkable "Fields of Plenty". A gifted storyteller with a sharp eye for detail, author Michael Ableman describes the lives and passions of artisanal-minded producers, visiting an Oregon potato grower, a Manhattan rooftop greenhouse, Mary and Dave Falk's sheep ranch in Grantsburg, Wis., and more than 20 other small-scale ag operations. In this gem of a book, Ableman does double duty as photographer -- his richly evocative pictures are worthy of their own frames -- and there are several dozen appealing recipes, all inspired by the considerable bounty Ableman encountered on his coast-to-coast journey."
- Rick Nelson, Minneapolis Star Tribune

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On Good Land

"If Henry David Thoreau had been a farmer, he would have written a book very much like Michael Ableman's On Good Land: The Autobiography of an Urban Farm.
. . . Ableman uncovers the magic, mystique and romance of farming, even in the middle of tract housing. . . .The book pulls the reader to the soil and creates a visceral, wistful longing for the closest farm stand and homegrown vegetables."
- Philadelphia Inquirer

"Graced with some 50 beautiful color photographs, On Good Land reveals one man's love of the earth and his struggle to protect it. . . . Inspiring . . ."
- Quality Paperback Book Review

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From the Good Earth

... hopeful and inspiring ... So many shades of green in these rich color photographs! So many faces from different parts of the world ... growing such a wide variety of good foods.
- Los Angeles Times

A compelling and very personal photographic essay ... The text, which comes down heavily in favor of environmentally sound farming practices, turns the elegant, romantic photographs into politics.
- New York Times

Stunning photographs...
- London Evening Standard

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