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Rooster, by Michael Ableman
Michael Ableman has written numerous essays and articles pertaining to sustainable farming and agriculture, organic food and farming, plus urban farming and sustainability. These include:

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food
SF Chronicle, Oct 23, 2006

Giving Thanks
Los Angeles Times, Nov 24, 2005

Feeding Our Future
Thinking Outside the Lunchbox, Center
for Ecoliteracy

Agriculture's Next Frontier: How
Urban Farms Could Feed the World

Earth Island Journal, Fatal Harvest and
in The UTNE Reader

Growing New Life at Ground Zero
The New York Times, Dec 21, 2002

Less Is More: A California Farmer and
Author Reflects on the Water Crisis

The Los Angeles Times, December 16,
2002, B11

Roots and Obligations
National Gardening Magazine, May/Jun


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