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Fields of Plenty
A Farmer's Journey in Search of Real Food and the People Who Grow It
by Michael Ableman

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In the face of a fast-food nation, a growing community of farmers and food artisans are producing sustainable nourishment that is respectful to the land and rich in heritage, flavour and commitment. This is their story, told by one of their own.

Fields of Plenty is the memoir of respected farmer, writer, and photographer Michael Ableman as he and his son travel from his own farm in British Columbia across the United States in search of innovative and passionate farmers who are making a difference in what we eat and how we experience food. From Oregon to Maine, this story captures the essence of each farmer's vision, the spirit of the land that they work, and the beauty and flavours of the foods that they lovingly produce. From a melon grower who is "militant about flavour" to sheep-cheese producers who have built their own mould-culturing caves to an urban farmer growing heirloom tomatoes on abandoned lots to the now-paved-over lands from his childhood, Ableman's odyssey takes him to those who are trying to answer the complex questions of sustenance philosophically and, most importantly, in practice.

Told with compassion, insight, and humor, Fields of Plenty is a hopeful memoir that reveals the larger issues of food in a modern world. Illustrated with Ableman's photographs and flavoured with recipes that feature each farmer's bounty, Fields of Plenty is an intimate portrait of food and agriculture at a critical crossroads.

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  Fields of Plenty, by Michael Ableman

"The chronicle of a farmer's journey to the frontiers of American agriculture today, Fields of Plenty is a book of rare beauty and hope. American agriculture is in the process of being reinvented by the farmers Michael Ableman introduces us to here, and to overhear these pioneers in conversation with one of their own is exhilarating."
- Michael Pollan, author of Botany of Desire

"This is a timely and powerful portrait of the new agrarian movement that is sweeping this country. Michael Ableman's compelling stories and exquisite photographs tell a story that we too often forget; that the richness and beauty of our food is inextricably connected to a community of innovative and passionate farmers and to the land that they nurture."
- Alice Waters, Chez Panisse restaurant


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