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From the Good Earth, by Michael Ableman

"A compelling and very personal photographic essay. The text which comes down heavily in favor of environmentally sound farming practices, turns the elegant, romantic photographs into politics."
- New York Times

"Hopeful and inspiring."
- Los Angeles Times


Michael Ableman's Writing & Photography

From the Good Earth
A Celebration of Growing Food Around the World
by Michael Ableman

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Food, land and culture are intertwined. This internationally acclaimed book takes us on a stirring photographic journey through five continents to remote traditional farming communities, into the stark fields of industrial agriculture and to the rebirth of small scale organic farms around the world.

Armed with a farmer's curiosity and a photographer's eye, over a period of seven years, author Michael Ableman visited farmers in small villages in southern China, the Peruvian Andes, the mountains of central Africa, and the American Southwest seeking out cultures and individuals who grow food in ways to support their communities and care for the land.
The rich images and text challenge us to participate - in the marketplace, in our kitchens and in our own backyards.

This sumptuous and timely book is for everyone who enjoys good food and the bounty of the earth.

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