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From the Good Earth, by Michael Ableman

From the Good Earth
A Celebration of Growing Food Around the World
by Michael Ableman

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"From the Good Earth is 168 pages of vivid, often endearing photos of food at its source and the people who tend it. If Ableman can grow food as well as he can photograph it, his must be one magnificent farm. "
- Chicago Tribune

"As the photos from his book demonstrate, Michael Ableman is a widely traveled master photographer [and] poetic visionary. He is also an organic farmer whose fertile and productive land is now surrounded by suburbs. Who better to show us the traditional, industrial and sustainable forms of agriculture, pointing out the new way to farm? "
- The Millenium Whole Earth Catalog

"If you consider the Earth as the ultimate creation, the supreme work of art, it makes sense that Harry N. Abrams Inc., the fine-arts publishing house, would put its imprint on From the Good Earth. Through the essays and photographs of author Michael Ableman, [it] presents an eloquent case for returning to more sustainable forms of agriculture. "
- Chicago Sun-Times

"A testament to the bond between people and the soil ... a powerful visual and written statement. "
- Wilmington News-Joumal

"The photographs are superb ... the people, the fruits, the vegetables almost jumped out of the page ... a handsome art book with a timely message. "
- San Luis Obispo New Times

"The magnificent photographs capture some timeless, placeless essence about tending crops. [Ableman] stuns us with his photographic images: the drama of terraced fields in the Peruvian Andes which seem to reach into the sky, Hopi Indians in the American desert winnowing red beans, mirrored almost exactly by a Karen tribeswoman in northern Thailand, and a refreshing, lush image from Burundi of picturesque, round, thatched huts in a sea of verdant green. The physical journey is paralleled by a spritual one... there is infectious optimism... and a colourful, worldwide celebration of the glories of harvesting, marketing cooking and eating. "
- Gardens lllustrated, England

"Beautifully photographed ... Ableman is a man on a '90s mission: to help people reconnect with the source of their food. "
- Rocky Mountain News, Denver

"A farmer with a love and feel for art his instrument may be the camera, but throughout this beautiful collection of photographs, which peers into the arts of traditional agriculture across five continents, it becomes apparent that the pitchfork, the hoe, the plough, and the shovel can all be artistic tools. The patterns traced on the earth, whether it be by the Hopi Indians or an organic farmer in Western Europe, have an aesthetic quality and rich variety. Ableman's book is a celebration of renewed hope. "
- Hampstead & Highgate Express, England

"Wonderfully inspiring, all of the photographs are interesting and full of life. From the Good Earth could make anybody care about what they eat and how it was grown. "
- Photo District News

"Ableman's photographs are no mere snapshots, they represent camera art and seem to affirm the reality that nature abhors a vacuum. They seem also to ask a question -- can an over industrialized world bring its procedures to the countryside with impunity? Booksellers call this one a coffee table book meaning look don't read. I say read and enjoy. "
- Acres USA

"This book is a treasure ... photographs and stories from 1 00,000 miles of wandering through America, Africa, Europe, Asia and China in search of people, fields, markets and harvests ... laced with quotations, philosophical and inspirational gems from gardeners and farmers around the world. Images and text evoke the writings of Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, and others -- [the] sense of place, the connectedness of food production and consumption ... joyful work and diversity in landscape and diet. "
- Acres Australia 


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