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On Good Land, by Michael Ableman

On Good Land
The Autobiography of an Urban Farm
by Michael Ableman

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"Lyrical tale of the survival and triumph of a small farm amid the suburban sprawl of southern California with writing as rich and satisfying as the taste of ripe melon."
- Kirkus Reviews

"Inspiring and utterly absorbing."
- Booklist

The remarkable story of a farm's struggle to survive amidst a sea of development, and the awakening of a community to the riches it provides. In an age when most farms are far from our homes and dangerously far from our consciousness, Michael Ableman's tales of rural adventure in what is now the suburbs offer a glimpse of lost bounty and wildness.

Funny, inspiring and educational, this memoir-song to the land takes us into the fields where natural wonders ( and minor catastrophes) await.

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